Monday 14 December 2015

Yet more paintings

Here are three paintings done over the last couple of years, I'm putting a bit more info with these as I haven't done so with previous posts. Also I have a couple of work in progress images, they were taken on my phone, so forgive the low quality.

Peter Dinklage - Acrylic and Oil on canvas - 16x12"
(Photo ref: Gavin Bond for TV Guide Magazine)

Work Progression

Sea Painting - Andreas Achenbach Study - Oil on canvas - 16x12"

The Gooch (Colm Cooper) - Kerry Footballer - Acrylic on Canvas - 18x24"

Work Progression

Summer Sketches and Creature Designs

Time to post some 2D work again, I've compiled and composed some pencil sketches done last summer 2014, most of which was located in St Stephens Green in Dublin. I also had some creature sketches in the same sketch book along with a few sketches from the Natural History Museum in Dublin. Enjoy!

Monday 27 July 2015

Arnold Lighting

First post in quite a while, apologies for the long break. Just wanted to put up some renders of a fruitbowl, which was part of lighting course in Arnold for Maya with tutor John Huikku, really cool dude who's worked at Disney and Weta and now at Brown Bag Films. The model was based on the fruitbowl challenge at but I adjusted the modelling on most of the fruit and created new UV's and textures (diff, bump, spec) for all fruits except the apple, that's Kevin O Brien's.
Anyway, arnold is awesome, so straightforward as a rendering tool, nothing overly fancy. You can get advanced like any other renderer, but it's very easy to get to grips with, especially the shaders and creates fairly stunning results.

Here's a few renders along with a GIF to show some wip shader adjustment as I went.