Friday, 25 February 2011


Here are a small selection of my paintings over the years, there are a couple more that I haven't taken photos of yet and I will post those at a later date. The following paintings fall into the categories of people, places and cup :)


  1. Great to see trad work Anto. As far as cups go that's a pretty nice cup. Can't wait for the plate and silverware painting :p

    The dancers a nice too. Would be good to see what sizes they are and medium you used.

  2. Great paintings Antony, really life like! Looking forward to seeing more of them on your website, especially if you are actually selling any of them! It's really hard to get good original (non-print) paintings these days.

  3. Great work Antony, all your paintings are impressive.
    The first is my fav, great expressions :)