Tuesday 12 January 2016

CG Water FX

I've always been messing about with water stuff in my cg work, so I'm just posting a few vids here with some examples of that. Click on the images below that will link to the videos on vimeo

This is a short underwater sequence I created in Maya. I used the hot ocean deformer for the mesh waves and created a camera with motion to simulate floating. Then added a mia material with water preset and tweaked some of the values. Also added a simple fog for depth. Then comped in After Effects adding particles, DOF, motion blur, light shafts and grain and finally sound.

Created this simple setup to test a water shader and fake caustics. The caustics is a tileable and loopable image sequence created with caustics generator (can create 512x512 sequences free). The water is a mia material with a ocean displacement in the shader group. Did some After Effects jiggery pokery to add some umph.

Created this a couple of years back. Wanted to look at using particle flow in 3DS Max to create a swarm and decided to use fish. Then got carried away and went further with it. The fish is a free turbosquid model. I adjusted the model slightly for animation purposes and also adjusted the texture. All rendered in mental ray and then comped in After Effects to add the light shafts, motion blur etc

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